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How to use Crypto Faucet?

A crypto faucet, as already described before is a website which offers some tasks to be accomplished by users in return for some cryptocurrency. These tasks are quite simple and straightforward like watching a video, or completing a captcha, or even sometimes writing very short paragraphs about a project. The best thing about faucets is that they are a number way of advertising about cryptocurrency. If you are a cryptocurrency project that is just going to launch their token on a decentralized exchange, then a faucet would be a great way to market your project and distribute your tokens to people who would like it. For instance, you could use this as a marketing strategy.

Why to use BolloFaucet and BolloJob together?

In the world of crypto, the perfect marketing strategy is required to stand out amongst all the other competitors. And in order to this a narrative needs to be built that showcases the strengths of the cryptocurrency project and highlights them as leaders in the space. To do this, faucet can help achieve great results. Whenever you offer a community of people with incentives like the ability to earn some money without having to do extensive tasks – then you automatically position yourself as a community-based and community-loving platform. Your product then becomes a one-of-a-kind project that is able to market itself entirely in a new way. This means that you are able to reach a wider set of audience without having to worry too much about how you get there and what you are able to accomplish.

How to launch Airdrop Fast?

If you are launching your project anytime soon, then this is something that you should definitely not miss out on. You can create some amazing crypto faucets – ones that really make you stand out and position your project as the winner of all. This can help you not only in your ICO, but also help you get all the major attention on all social media platforms. For instance, you could start spreading news about your project on social media channels like Telegram and attract users from there to invest in your project.

Can You Give Some Example?

A major idea for a crypto faucet should be promotion. When you entice users to come to your website, you can attract them to perform some tasks. These tasks could be a promotional thread on twitter for example. This thread can talk about the various network sentiments that the users are experiencing at that moment, and how they are reacting to the market. Or, if your project is very specific to a protocol or if it caters to a particular problem (that is, it solves a particular problem) then you can simply ask your users to talk about that problem and how they are affected about it. For instance, oracle attacks on blockchains are quite common. Oracles usually get compromised very easily. This is because they are not as decentralized as a decentralized ledger actually is. This is what makes it tough for us to rely on oracles. So, you could perhaps start a treasure hunt for your users.

Why to Add Social Accounts In Your Airdrop?

In this, you could leave some clues hidden on your website that lead them to some particular resources that talk expressly about the problems of oracles. Then, once users have read about that – you can entice them create Twitter threads (say, 6 threads each) where they simply talk about what oracles are, how they are so centralized, and the fact that they are unable to solve any major problem that the users are facing – especially the problem of decentralization. You could ask the users to mention your project on Twitter and tag you. You could also ask them to create some unique GIFs or memes around the problems of oracles and then share them on the social media channels.

How Does Airdrop Work?

This is just one idea that you can use to attract various users to your platform and attract them to your project. This is quite simple and straightforward. And you might be wondering that the process of setting up these crypto faucets is quite tough. Well, let us tell you that it isn’t. In fact, it is quite easy to set up these faucets online – especially if you have a basic idea of how they work. Regardless, you can use our platform to set up crypto faucets very easily.

Why To Use Telegram Channel In Your Airdrop?

The second idea is to set up a faucet on other social media channels like Telegram. True to the tenet of decentralization, Telegram has been the most preferred platform for communication with various community members because it offers end-to-end encryption to its users. And that has always been the principle behind truly decentralized blockchains – to provide a medium of communication to users that they can rely on without having to worry about the fact that their information is being recorded and sold off elsewhere. This is the idea behind true decentralization technologies, and in fact this has always been the primary idea. In fact, this has always been the reason why these technologies exist and the fact that they have made the existence of cryptocurrencies possible.

Can I promote my telegram Channel with BolloJob?

So, you can use Telegram to create a faucet where you ask your users to complete various tasks. These can be specific tasks like talking about the project in detail or engaging with other users on the channel and initiating conversations and getting into different types of discussions. This helps in true outreach of your project. A simple idea would be to create memes. Users generally like memes and like trading them. You could perhaps try and set up a meme-based competition where users try and compete against each other for creating various types of memes. The ones who win are rewarded with some of your project tokens. This not only increases engagement, but also keeps the users hooked. Any type of competition is bound to attract various users to your platform.

While it is often considered that creating a faucet is difficult, it is not. In fact, you can set up your own crypto faucet on our platform fairly easily without having to go through the pains of understanding how it actually works. It’s a simple quick-step process that can be executed without any stress or worries. So, if you are thinking of setting up your faucet, then look no further.

How to Create Airdrops on Bollojob?

It has never been easier to create airdrops on Bollojob. In fact, it is one of the easiest platforms where you can use their different tools to create airdrops and connect with your community quite easily. Airdrops are small amounts of cryptocurrency that are distributed to users and community members. This is again a very important marketing strategy that helps a project and its creators get attention in the industry. This has been used previously by several cryptocurrency projects whose focus has been to get attention in the market. However, do note that these airdrops are not free. In fact, most projects tend to distribute tokens to those community members who already have a reputation in the market and are being followed by all types of people within the industry. The more followers that they have, the better it is for them as they are able to stand out amongst other people. These airdrops are usually given to people who already have fulfilled specified requirements, which could be that they hold a certain amount of tokens for another similar project.

Why to create Airdrop on BolloJob?

Creating airdrops help catch the attention of the community members. The best thing about this is that the members truly feel included within the project. Just think about your users as they receive tokens in their wallet that are not theirs and that they were not even expecting to get earlier! How amazing they would feel just knowing that there is a community out there that makes them feel included. This is the founding principle behind everything that exists on Bollo. We truly believe that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are a technology that are revolutionizing the world in ways that we never imagined. And we want to ensure that each and every individual who knows even the basic stuff about the ecosystem and how it works should have the option of being able to make the most use of it.

Is it hard to create Airdrop?

If you think that it is excruciatingly painful to create these airdrops then think again. Because, it has never been simpler to create them. This has been made possible by the creation of custom airdrops and managing them on our platform BolloJob. Not only can you create an airdrop program, but also track how users are engaging with it, and how the airdrop itself is performing.

How To Create Sales Funnels on BolloJob?

We have already talked about the growing significance of marketing for any new cryptocurrency-based project that comes out in the market. It is hyper essential for the project to stand out from the competitors. While creating a decent marketing strategy that stands at the front to attract users and community members to the project is essential, what’s also important is having a funnel that filters out the dedicated community members from the non-committed ones and the only focus on those that are not only able to promote that project within their network, but also are full of knowledge themselves and can easily understand what the project is all about and relate to it. The more connected they feel with the project and the team behind it, the more they are going to be motivated to provide their services and market it.

How to Make successful airdrop?

The best way to do this is to ensure that they are creating a strategy that entices the users first, makes them accomplish some tasks (perhaps through a faucet) and then pulls them completely in by having them do a transaction and making them deposit some amount of money within your project or buying tokens of your project. While this sounds more tough than it actually is, we do understand that creating the best strategy can be a cumbersome task.

And that is why we have created a platform that ensures that all your sales funnels can be easily created and can be managed at one place. Our platform gives you all the metrics and data that you need to understand which marketing strategy is working and which isn’t. We believe that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and are going to revolutionise the world, and we want to be at the helm of that revolution.

How to advertise your airdrop on BolloFaucet?

Creating a crypto faucet has never been easier. If you have the idea, then it becomes fairly easy. In fact, we equip with all the latest tools that you would ever need to create the faucet. But it is the ideation part that really needs to be taken care of first. Once that has been covered it becomes fairly easy for anyone to create the number faucet that people can rely on. But it is the idea that takes the most amount of time in development. But don’t worry, we truly help our users in understanding the kind of ideas that they can use to create the best faucet that offers them the best conversation rates. Our ideas are simple and straightforward. They primarily focus on attracting as many users as is possible to your project.

Where should you additionaly promote your created BolloJob task?

The major social media channels that you should be using for creating the perfect crypto faucet are Telegram and Twitter. These have, over the years, become the primary channels of communication between various project creators and their community members. Telegram is known for its end-to-end encryption and is indeed the perfect complementary channel of communication between various users who are interested in cryptocurrency. Its more-or-less reflection of security and the fact that it doesn’t use its users data to sell it and earn money, or use it for uselessly annoying advertising makes it one of the most preferred channels for communication. So, when creating your own crypto faucet, you must focus on including both these channels.

How To Use Telegram and Twitter for Airdrops?

1. For Twitter, you could easily start a meme competition, where all of your community members are asked to share memes that represent the current market sentiment. Whoever comes up with the best meme wins some cryptocurrencies. Or, you could also ask your members to add some one liners about your project.

2. For Telegram, you could engage different users by expressing their opinions about something or by sharing what they feel about different projects.

By engaging your members, thus, you can build a far-reaching community. Find out more here.

Create Crypto Surveys in Minutes

What is security of BolloJob?

You have probably heard of surveys being misused for collecting user information and then using it for different purposes. In fact, it has been observed that many organisations simply collect information from their users about a few particular things and then use that data to determine many things like how their users behave, what kind of buying/engaging patterns they exhibit and what age groups of users are most likely to behave in what particular ways. While collecting this type of data is certainly beneficial if you are looking to use that information for creating/crafting some different types of projects, you can better use these surveys to do something entirely different – engaging your community. Crypto surveys are again just a way of marketing your project to a wider group of audience.

What data will be tracked?

What you can also use these surveys for is tracking the data of your users and understanding what their understanding of the space is. Let’s say you design a survey where you ask your users what kind of information do they have when it comes to the entire industry of cryptocurrency. When they respond saying that they have a fundamental understanding then you can engage those users and in fact entice them to talk about something within the space and ask them to talk about it on social media channels. As they share their opinions about that problem or anything else, they are likely to engage their own network. Once that happens, they can easily help you in building a much stronger base for your community.

How Else To Use BolloJob?

Moreover, you could also use these surveys to understand if the community members have some basic understanding about the product that you are building. If you feel that they don’t have that knowledge, then you can work to provide that info in detailed fragments. Or you could engage the more knowledgeable community members in coming up with best ways of dealing with this problem.

What are Crypto Payment Gateways?

A crypto payment gateway is quite similar to a normal payment gateway with the only difference being that is able to accept cryptocurrencies as payments. For the uninitiated, a payment gateway is literally a gateway that facilitates merchants to accept payments via different payment options like credit card, debit card and so on. The primary objective of these gateways is to ensure that payments are well received by the merchants and on time. This avoids any confusion. Also, gateways ensure that even international payments are received in a manner that is entirely legal and does not result in any major problems. The biggest benefit of having a gateway is that it helps merchants accept payments from all across the world including even some remote areas. Having a crypto gateway changes the entire game around payment gateways.

How to accept cryptocurrency on your website?

Having a crypto gateway means that you are able to accept payments in cryptocurrencies as well. This means that users are able to transact in their favorite cryptocurrencies. It should come as no surprise that during the year of 2020, there was an astronomical increase in the number of people who got into cryptocurrencies and started learning about blockchain. As more and more people gravitated towards this novel solution, the number of wallets that are holding cryptocurrencies increased making the entire ecosystem way more popular than it ever was. What this also means is that there are many users who are in possession of crypto wallets and are also perhaps using their stored cryptocurrencies for various transactions.

How to use cryptocurrency in your business?

By using a crypto payment gateway for your organization, you can easily start accepting payments in cryptocurrency which are then converted into a stablecoin or perhaps even fiat currency which you can use to withdraw as earnings. The best part about this is that you are able to cater to a wide variety of audience who are probably not interested anymore in accepting fiat currencies as their primary mode of payment. You can easily research about and create a crypto payment gateway here.

How to Crowdsale for Real Estate?

If major products and tech innovations can be crowdfunded then why can’t real estate be? That’s our central problem with the way things have worked so far in traditional way of doing things. And that is exactly what we aim to change via our platform, Bollo Invest. We believe that everyone should have the option of being able to both invest in and sell of their real estate assets via crowdfunding. And staying true to our tenet of blockchain and including everyone in the decentralized finance landscape, our aim is to make sure that everyone who joins our platform is rewarded with what they are looking for. We aim to do this by creating a platform where real estate brokers and developers can easily upload their property on our platform for crowdfunding. Crowdfunding means a whole bunch of investors from all over the world will be interested in buying what you are selling. And they, in fact, would like to invest a lot of money in making the purchase of a real estate asset overseas.

How to invest in crowdsale property of bollogroup?

Users can find property being listed from various countries and they can easily invest in any property that they find worth of their investment. And this is truly what makes us different. We are focused on our community and given the best possible user experience. This is what we have been trying to do with our platform. We are breaking down barriers and connecting buyers and sellers from all across the world. Not only does this make for a wholesomely inclusive community, but it also helps us in ensuring that the platform is safe. The more the number of users who are constantly utilizing the platform for buying different types of assets, the safer it is.