Boost results

It has never been easier to create airdrops on Bollojob. In fact, it is one of the easiest platforms where you can use their different tools to create airdrops and connect with your community quite easily. Airdrops are small amounts of cryptocurrency that are distributed to users and community members. This is again a very important marketing strategy that helps a project and its creators get attention in the industry. This has been used previously by several cryptocurrency projects whose focus has been to get attention in the market. However, do note that these airdrops are not free. 

In fact, most projects tend to distribute tokens to those community members who already have a reputation in the market and are being followed by all types of people within the industry. The more followers that they have, the better it is for them as they are able to stand out amongst other people. These airdrops are usually given to people who already have fulfilled specified requirements, which could be that they hold a certain amount of tokens for another similar project.